Olivini Group

Carbon steel division, stainless steel division, tube and structural beam cutting division

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Deep drilling centre, tubes for mechanical applications

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Puternic in steel

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Winemakers since 1970

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The Olivini Family represents the typical Italian "Family business". Dedication to work, Vision oriented to sustainability and long term, Collaborators integral part of the company, Solid and lasting alliances with Customers and Suppliers, Global and Local at the same time. Now in its fourth generation, the Olivini family has been active in the steel sector since 1950 and in the wine sector since 1970. OLIVINI GIUSEPPE SpA, one of the most complete steel distributors in Italy, is joined by ERIDIAN Srl, leader in the production of drilled round bars and distributor of tubes for Mechanical Applications and rolled, forged and continuous cast round bars, and KUERYO STEEL, steel distributor in Romania.

From the passion for the land handed down by the founders, FAMIGLIA OLIVINI VIGNAIUOLI DAL 1970 has developed, an agricultural company active in the production of the most famous wine of Lake Garda, Lugana, distributed all over the world.



Lavoriamo, ogni giorno, con impegno e dedizione per dare ai nostri clienti il massimo in termine di qualità del prodotto, nuove tecnologie applicate alle lavorazioni e qualità del servizio pre e post vendita.
Questi sono i valori nei quali crediamo.

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Steel Products


One of the most complete distributors of steel in Italy, spread over an area of 22000 square meters.


Complete range of STRUCTURAL PIPES EN10219 square, rectangular and round with cutting and drilling service.

Complete range of WELDED PIPES in quality s355, s275, s235, length from 6 to 12 meters, cutting and drilling service.

Complete range of BEAMS and UNP up to section 600 in profiles Hea, Heb, Hem, Ipe, Inp.

Cutting and drilling service centre for beams and structural tubes.

Merchant bars, drawn peeled and rolled steel bars. Flattened and train sheets.

STAINLESS STEEL: complete range also with hot rolled, laser welded and extruded structural profiles in stainless steel UNP and T, such as beams, UNP etc., which guarantee maximum life expectancy, minimum maintenance, reduced weight thanks to high mechanical performance.

OLIVINI GIUSEPPE SpA is a UNI EN ISO 9001 and EN 1090 CE certified company for structural steel components.

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Steel products
deep drilling
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ERIDIAN Srl, a company 100% owned by the Olivini family and also located in the town of Flero, is a leader in the PRODUCTION of DEEP DRILLING ROUND BARS and a distributor of PIPES for Mechanical Applications and laminated forged and continuous casting Round pipes.

Thanks to its expertise in the seamless pipe sector, it soon became apparent that customer demands for seamless pipe sizes and qualities could not be met by the dimensional range that the company marketed, tapping into the production of major European pipe manufacturers.

This made it necessary to acquire suitable equipment to meet the needs of these customers. Through the purchase of drilling machines, combined with continuous belt cutters for cutting to size and lathes for roughing, Eridian began the production of DRILLED ROUND BARS of specific dimensions and quality to meet customer requirements.

The company, which specialises in deep drilling, operates mainly in the Italian market but is also known abroad, particularly in the European market.

Eridian has 3 deep drilling plants and 5 turning plants.

The drilled round bar is produced when there are no hot-rolled tubes available from the tube mills, when the quantity does not justify industrial production or when the customer requires special qualities such as C40/45/60, 38NiCrMo3, 38NCD4, AISI 304 etc... The dimensions that can be obtained for the finished product vary widely, so that any type of requirement can be met. As far as deep drilling is concerned, the external diameter ranges from 60 to 1000 mm.

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Logo Olivini Group

Olivini Group, dedication to work, long-term and sustainability-oriented Vision, Employees as an integral part of the company, solid and long-lasting Alliances with Customers and Suppliers, Global and Local at the same time.


Address: Via E.Majorana, 8 25020 FLERO
(BS) (Strada Provinciale to Quinzano)
Telephone: +39 030 35.82.520
Fax: +39 030 35.82.516
P.IVA: 02065850170

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